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Re: problem with distribution or packaging

Larray Daffner writes:
> Are you following stable/fixed or unstable?  

> If you were following
> stable/fixed, then you grabbed the wrong packages file.  If you were
> following unstable, then the mirror(?) you were using was probably way
> out of date 
The current unstable/Packages file is dated Feb. 20 on the 
debian.med.miami.edu site; I don't know what version of this file I got
last Friday.

> Upgrade dpkg by hand to at least

and Bruce Perens writes:
> Please upgrade dpkg by hand and see if the problem goes away.

First, I apologize for having been out of the loop regarding the epochs

Second, here's what I had to do:  I was updating a reasonably old-ish 
setup (the kernel was 2.0.13 or so).  I don't know what version
of dpkg it was (yes, I should have checked).  Whatever it was, I was 
unable to upgrade dpkg using either dselect or dpkg.  Instead, I had to 
edit the /var/lib/dpkg/available file to get rid of all the "1:" strings
after the "Version:" identifiers.  After I did this, then I ran dselect
again and updated the packages file.  I sure hope other users who will
be upgrading from Debian 1.2 or 1.1 won't have to do this.  (Not that
it was a traumatic experience, but just one that seems inconsistent with
the easy-upgradability that is/should be Debian's hallmark.)

Thanks for your quick help.

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