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Re: Should wg15 be splitted?

Santiago Vila Doncel wrote:
> On Sat, 25 Jan 1997, Fabrizio Polacco wrote:
> > Can we debate this idea or should we wait for Ian implementing the
> > partial installation of a package (that is anyway needed) ?
> >
> > The idea arose because of the huge occupation of disk space 
> >required by a fully localized system using the monolitic way
> > as wg15 is built now.
> I don't think the current occupation of disk space is so huge.

Someone calculated 50 mega when all message catalogs will be translated.

> If we split wg15-locale on a per-language basis, we would have to
> do the same for GNU i18n packages like fileutils, textutils, etc.

This is why I consider Ian's implementation of partial installation
*really* important. It will permit to install from each package only the
catalogs and documents for the selected languages whose wg15 packages
are installed.

To complete the wheel, we will need an affordable (and simple) method to
force all packages to add other catalogs and docs when a new language
will be selected by installing its wg15 package, maybe by

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