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Re: Possible solution to Local dependency satisfaction

On Fri, 24 Jan 1997, Jean Pierre LeJacq wrote:

jplejacq >On Fri, 24 Jan 1997, Dale Scheetz wrote:
jplejacq >
jplejacq >> One of the biggest problems with the current packaging system (ignoring
jplejacq >> issues of dselect interfaces) is that there is no mechanism for satisfying
jplejacq >> dependencies with programs that are located in /usr/local.
jplejacq >> If the sys admin builds a sendmail package of their own and installs it in
jplejacq >> /usr/local, dpkg and dselect have no current mechanism for recognizing
jplejacq >> that fact and trys to force the installation of sendmail anyway.

Debmakes asc2deb tool allows you to write a simple package with an editor
providing a fake "sendmail" package satisfying dependencies....


1. do deb2asc on some mailer.

2. Edit the resulting file remove all configfiles, binaries etc etc.
   Keep the control file and fine tune it to your desires.
   You might have to uuencode an empty data.tgz file if
   dpkg insists on having a data fork in the .deb archive.

3. Run asc2deb and install the resulting package...

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