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Re: Possible solution to Local dependency satisfaction

On Fri, 24 Jan 1997, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> One of the biggest problems with the current packaging system (ignoring
> issues of dselect interfaces) is that there is no mechanism for satisfying
> dependencies with programs that are located in /usr/local.


> I will finally be getting some time this weekend to begin work on the
> dpkg-lib reorganization I volunteered for. I will look for the proper
> place to add this "feature" during my code evaluation and report back on
> the difficulty of implementing this idea.
> Any comments?

	Yes _(;

	A while ago, someone (don't remember who it was through) 
suggested this feature as a dpkg option. e.g:

% dpkg --local-package sendmail_8.8.5

To let dpkg/dselect know that the system has it's own local version of 

I would add that I'd like this feature to take into account virtual 
packages too. e.g:

% dpkg --local-package www-browser

'cos I installed foowww, which is a www browser that is not a debian package 
(yet _(; )

IMHO, It will be more simple to use this way, than having a special conffile.


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