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Re: New!!!: Base-passwd 2.0

On Jan 20, bmbuck@ACSU.Buffalo.EDU (Buddha M Buck) wrote:
> Probably what would be better would be to start the upgrade process
> with a query like:
>   The base-passwd package automatically updates the entries in
>   /etc/passwd, /etc/groups, and /etc/shadow for the base Debian
>   users (users from 0-99).  You can perform this update at any
>   time by running /usr/sbin/installbasepasswd.  Should I do this
>   upgrade now? [Y/n]
> It should also include a mode that would make it always ask about each
> individual change [point 3) above, but alway make it "in doubt"] to
> satisfy the partially paranoid among us.  I've noticed at least once
> that the root entry in /etc/passwd-dpkg.new was "root::0:0:...", which
> is very bad.  I'd want to be able to catch that while approving all
> other changes.

I think the proposal was to automatically upgrade 1-99 (preferably
with confirmation), not 0-99, thus avoiding problems with the root
account. I hope that was the proposal, otherwise it's not going on
any of my systems :-)

Steve Greenland

The Mole - I think, therefore I scream 

		    "I have no talents.	 I have genius or nothing.  But all 
		     genius is distorted, even my own."
[Nero Wolfe]

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