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New!!!: Base-passwd 2.0

I'm about to upload a drastically modified version of base-passwd. 
The new feature is automatic upgrade of passwd and group entries.

It's rather sophisticated:
1) Can do both upgrades and downgrades.
2) Handles partial changes (eg, changing the home directory).
3) Asks when in doubt.

I have a few concerns about it though:

1) Integration with shadow passwords:
   Will shadow passwords be used in 1.3 or not ?
   What happens if an entry exists in passwd which is not in shadow ?
     => I assume that the user cannot log in, which is perfect for 

2) Should I offer an alternative to this automatic upgrades, that is 
keep the old conffile scheme for people who prefer it.
   => In this case, that will mean two different packages I think, a 
      base-passwd and a base-passwd-auto. I don't like this.

3) How to handle transition with the current base-passwd ?
   => I'm thinking about asking the user if I can wipe-out the 
entries between
      1 and 99 inclusively, and then rebuild it with the new 

4) Should this package go into experimental or go into bo (after a 
lot of testing, of course). ?

5) How do you perform passwd and group locking ?

Additionnaly, I'd need some beta-testers :-).
Please volunteer to have your passwd and group kindly changed by an 
automatic program.


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