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Re: More support European users in Debian

Winfried Truemper wrote:
> My suggestion would be to try to derive most of the rest of the
> country-specific configuration from the LANG-variable. So if we 
> set this variable very early in the setup process every setup-script
> would be able to make at least good guesses (and ask the user about
> them).
> For the LANG-variable a place to affect every shell/programm would be
> the holy "/etc/init.d/boot". Simple and effective.

Doesn't this mean that the LANG setting is shared by all users?
If so, I'll desagree.
I know that 90% of the boxes will be used by only one person in only one
language, but I would like to see the system allowing different users to
use different languages settings, contemporary or not, from the console
(means using the same keyboard) or logging from remote/serial

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