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Re: More support European users in Debian

On Fri, 17 Jan 1997, David Frey wrote:

> Environment variable INPUTRC can be used to supply a global configuration file

As far as I understand the manpage, the "global" and individual
configuration file are exclusive in this sense:

              The filename for the readline startup  file,  over­
              riding  the  default  of  ~/.inputrc  (see READLINE

> > "selection" can't deal with 8bit properly (superceeded by gpm anyways)
> gpm is can't do it correctly either (o-umlauts appear wrongly)

I tested it by pasting the whole iso-8859-1 table into a mail some weeks
ago and it worked. Maybe I had some other environment variable set?

Please check if "gpm -l ö  <other options>" fixes your problem.


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