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Re: More support European users in Debian

On Fri, Jan 17 1997 0:22 +0100 Winfried Truemper writes:
> After finishing the latest version of the German-specific HOWTO, I can
> give some details for a better support of European users of Linux. 
[Winfried: I'm right now in the process of reviewing the german specific 
 howto, so some information may be duplicated]
> The printer setup depends on the capabilities and configuration of it:
> does it handle the iso-8859-1 character set (and is it configured to use
That's my current problem with magicfilter, btw.

> "readline" and friends
>     Config file: ~/.inputrc

Environment variable INPUTRC can be used to supply a global configuration file
(Dang, that was my main point for the review :()

> "selection" can't deal with 8bit properly (superceeded by gpm anyways)
gpm is can't do it correctly either (o-umlauts appear wrongly)

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