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Re: Problems with 1.2.1

Marek Michalkiewicz:
> Actually, "contrib" is overloaded to mean several different things.
> Once the non-free section becomes large enough, it may be a good idea
> to divide it in mail, x11, etc.  But the important thing is that there
> should be separate "stable" and "development" versions of non-free and
> non-US.
> Hmmm... non-US is orthogonal to non-free, so maybe the non-US part of
> Debian should be divided in free and non-free too?  (Even in the US,
> someone could make a special Debian CD with free crypto stuff, and sell
> it to US customers only.)

There's really two orthogonal issues here.

The first is proper labelling for distribution.  Each time we add a
new label we're doubling the number of possible combinations.  The
second is browsability.  Here we want to create "comfortably sized
directories of related packages".

There's really only two cases where labelling directly impacts
browsability:  (1) we need a place to put specially labelled packages,
(2) some packages can't be distributed from the US.


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