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Re: using rescue disk to boot from root on hard disk?

yeah, I'd just had the same problem (a partial install left me with
the kernel from kernel-package, but lilo hadn't been run so lilo still
pointed to the one from the install process... no, this isn't a debian
bug, it's me screwing up by using unstable for a base install :-)

It seemed that just giving "linux root=/dev/hda2" should have worked,
but in fact it just hung (it looked like the standard "spin not
finding init" that you get if you have a bad/empty root) right after
saying "using ramdisk as root" even though it hadn't loaded the
ramdisk with anything.  Still, I had no problem *not* being clever,
and just booting the rescue disk, mounting the root, and running lilo
on it (even did it all from the menus.)  So I'm not complaining, but
it confused me a bit too...

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