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Re: using rescue disk to boot from root on hard disk?

On Thu, 9 Jan 1997, Christian Schwarz wrote:

> Hi folks!
> Does someone now if it is possible to use the new rescue disks to boot
> up an installed system on the hard disk?
> I want to have one in case lilo is not working. This worked fine with
> the old boot disk (I just specified root=/dev/sda3) but this doesn't work
> now, since kernel tries to load the ramdrive anyways. I also tried setting
> load_ramdrive=0 but this seams to get overwritten by the kernel
> parameters stored on the disk.

I recently need this functionality and wound up just booting the
rescue disk, mounting my partition(s) under /mnt and setting my
LD_LIBRARY_PATH to /mnt/lib:/mnt/usr/lib.  I could then either
chroot commands or just lilo -r the lilo mods.  Worked fine.

Richard G. Roberto
011-81-3-3437-7967 - Tokyo, Japan

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