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Re: Our current policy about purging.

Santiago Vila Doncel writes:

> rm -rf /var/list.
> But this deletes the mailing lists also, which, I think, are not part of
> the list server.
> Christoph Lameter said to me: "It is generally assumed that a purge of a
> package will delete all files related to that package". But I think that
> one could (in principle), manage the same lists with another list server.
> So we agreed we have to discuss this here.

In that case, you should only remove the package, install the new
one, copy and modify the configuration and purge the old package.

Normally two packages use two different directories to it doesn't
make much sense keeping them.

> Or maybe just ask the user about this.

I handle it that way that the user is queried if data should be
removed. If he types 'n' it's ok for my...



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