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Serial ports/Modem slowness.

Hi Everyone.

I've had a recent problem which I can't figure out.  Recently, I've upgraded
by compiling 2.0.27 with a firewall, while updating packages from the
unstable bo distribtion (things like the lastest versions of mgetty, devel
and newest base stuff etc).

I've got quote a few dialin lines running on the box with a PC-COM 16550
uart card (and a stallion card).  I used to run the modems at 57600 and
everything was fine until I upgraded and now it seems that users can't
upload anything without it timing out.  This includes simple 5k email
messages - basically, if the modem on the box are receiving anything it
doesn't like it.

I tried upgrading the serial ports to 115200bps, however that didn't seem to
change anything.  Now, I've changed lowered them all the 38400bps hoping
this will get results (but as yet, I haven't tested this).

So as you can see, I've done some pretty major changes to the box, but does
anyone have any idea what on earth it could be?  It's got me baffled.



Karl Ferguson, 
Tower Networking Pty Limited                  karl@tower.net.au
t/a STAR Online Services                      karl@debian.org
Tel: +61-9-455-3446  Fax: +61-9-455-2776

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