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Re: upgrading /etc/passwd (was Re: List of ... problems for 1.2)

On Tue, 7 Jan 1997, Santiago Vila Doncel wrote:

> I have still the doubt about which dpkg option (if any) would allow us to
> be asked even if the package to be installed has the same version number
> as the currently installed.
I have had the same need at one time or another. You want to look at the
conffile in the package, but dpkg doesn't unpack it for one of its
"reasons". You should be able to extract the single conffile you want from
the archive, although it's not a tar archive (someone please refresh me on
with archival tool is used?) I'm sure you can do this. Also, I believe
that in dselect there is a screen that will show you the contents of the
package file. You can also use midnight commander (my personal choice) to
"look inside" a .deb package.



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