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Re: Revised Virtual Package Names List

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"Richard G. Roberto" <richr@Bear.COM> wrote:
>Hmmm, I didn't see this.  The "dunc" package has a dependency on
>"editor" with a preference for ae, which sucks, but its on the
>install set.  The package should depend on an editor, but it
>doesn't matter which one.  Any ideas?

Well, vim at the moment provides: editor [it's an open bug report that I
made to remind me to fix it :) ], so the dependancy would be fulfilled
with that for the moment. _however_, don't count on it - the next upload
won't have that provision. One possibility would be to not depend on
any editors, assuming that either ae is on the system, or EDITOR is set
in the environment. If neither of those conditions are met, you can
probably safely give the user an error message.

btw: I agree with you on ae's usefulness :-)

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