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Re: More from the Dosemu mailing list.


	I think that this is a solution limited to the case when
 dosemu is run on the machine it was compiled on, and only if it is
 recompiled every tie the kernel is upgraded.

	Personally, I don't think dosemu needs it. looking at
 /usr/include to figure out *at compile time* the version of the
 kernel being used is a half-hearted effort which does not work for
 precompiled binaries.

	Pray tell: if the developer has version 2.1.19; and dosemu is
 compiled there, will it work on ,y machine where I've never put
 anything but 2.0.27? 

	Instead of (silly) attempts to guess at compile time which
 kernel is running at runtime, dosemu developer should work on a run
 time script/code that looks at uname -r output and do things

	They better, since when glibc comes out the rest of the linux
 comunity may well be following Debians lead.

	This is my final post on this topic.

	I apologize for the snippiness.

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