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Re: Proposal: A config file for runlevels (DRAFT)

>>>>> "WT" == Winfried Truemper <winni@xpilot.org> writes:

 WT> I'm really concerned about the RedHat-hype I see in
 WT> Debian-devel. In my opinion the strength of Debian was it's
 WT> independence from current trends (think of 0.93R6 being
 WT> "a.out"). Debian still exists, though.  Instead, Debian was
 WT> always a forum for new ideas - RedHat can "steal" the ideas, but
 WT> not the forum. If we drop the forum, we can only run behind the
 WT> standards RedHat dictates.

I've never seen RedHat. But I don't think we should consider ourselves
to be somehow 'better' than RedHat: if they have a good idea, I don't
see any point in not using it just because some RedHat people had it,
instead of a Debian developer.

This "forum" certainly isn't the only place where new good ideas can
be conceived. And if another Linux distribution uses ideas developed
here, we shouldn't consider it stealing, even in quotes. Co-operation
is something that ought to be possible between distributions.

Juri Pakaste/Juri.Pakaste@Helsinki.FI 

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