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Re: Multi-binary packages and documentation directories

'Guy Maor wrote:'
>Tom Lees <tom@lpsg.demon.co.uk> writes:
>> What exactly is the correct place for multi-binary packages to place their
>> documentation
>For the specific case of shared libs, I've been making only one
>directory, libreadline2 for example, and putting documentation for
>both libreadline2 and libreadline2-dev in it.  There is only one
>copyright and changelog file, installed by libreadline2.
>For related packages which are not shared libraries, I think a symlink
>in /usr/doc is appropriate.

It seems elegant to me to have /usr/doc/<source-pkg-name> instead of
<pkg-name>.  Since the whole point of a multi-binary package is that
it comes from the same source.  I think the exception would be the
source package that wants multiple directories under /usr/doc.  Can
the Policy manual section 5.3 be revised to indicate this?

Unless someone sees a flaw with this, I'll change my multi-binary
package to behave in this way.

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