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Re: New Debian packages

> jgoerzen@complete.org (John Goerzen)  wrote on 31.12.96 in <199612310850.CAA01462@complete.org>:
> >  * Netmaze, the 3-D networked multi-player combat game.  A cool 3-D X game.
> >    Also includes robot players, if you don't have any friends that like
> > playing    cool games :-)  Actually, I may be taking over development of
> > this game    itself form its current author, Michael Hipp, FYI.
> If this is like the old Atari MidiMaze, then I want to have it ;-)

At my school, a common game played is iMaze, which is almost like 
MidiMaze (I think the arenas are bigger, and you are only given one hit 
before you die, as opposed to three, and I've never been dropped in the 
middle of a firefight in iMaze.  Also, the scoring is slightly different, 
in that you lose one kill when you die (if you have any), and games 
continue open-ended).

If NetMaze is like -either-, I want to have it...

     Buddha Buck                      bmbuck@acsu.buffalo.edu
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