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Re: New Debian packages

jgoerzen@complete.org (John Goerzen)  wrote on 31.12.96 in <199612310850.CAA01462@complete.org>:

>  * The WorldVU-Atlantis BBS package.  I will need to check the specific
> legal    requirements of this one, but it will certainly have to go in
> non-free or    contrib.  This is a powerful system that takes advantage of
> Linux security    features (groups, /etc/passwd, etc) while still having a
> "friendly" look    and feel.  This is a good-sized system, and has no source
> available.    To Debianize it will take me a bit of time since I will
> basically have    to redo the install routine and default configs.  (It puts
> everything in    a location that goes against the filesystem standard)

Hmm. If the FHS (next version of FSSTND) were released, a single directory  
hierarchy in /opt would be legal. Unfortunately, I have no idea how long  
that will take.

>  * Netmaze, the 3-D networked multi-player combat game.  A cool 3-D X game.
>    Also includes robot players, if you don't have any friends that like
> playing    cool games :-)  Actually, I may be taking over development of
> this game    itself form its current author, Michael Hipp, FYI.

If this is like the old Atari MidiMaze, then I want to have it ;-)

MfG Kai

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