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Re: Unanswered problem reports by date

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Warwick HARVEY:
> I was wondering if it would make sense to split the summary?

Fixing the bugs would be a better idea. :-)

It's not always very hard, either: there are often a number of
fixed-but-unclosed bugs (close message sent to wrong address),
duplicate bugs (two open bugs for the same problem; they can be
joined so that the listing only has one entry), and stuff that
is trivial, but which the maintainer hasn't had time to fix
(like missing extended descriptions for packages).

Help maintainers fix bugs. Go through the bug list and look
at stuff that you think you could fix. Concentrate on bugs
that are older than three months. If you find the fix, send
the patches to the bug system. If the package is orphaned,
try to make a new package (even if you can't take it over).

With 160 developers and 848 packages in Debian 1.2, there's an
average of 5.3 packages per developer. Most developers have
fewer packages than that, and some developers have dozens of
packages. Getting more developers to take over packages from
other developers is getting as important as making new packages.

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