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Unanswered problem reports by date


It turns out that I no longer receive the "Unanswered problem reports by
date" automatic posting.  Apparently my mailer bounces it for being over
100K long.  Before I go hassle the sysadmins here about the limit, I was
wondering if it would make sense to split the summary?  I don't know how
many other mailers might have problems with something that size?

The other alternative for me is to just put up with Bruce's automatic mail
address testing program pestering me on a regular basis.  :-)


Warwick Harvey                                    email: warwick@cs.mu.OZ.AU
Department of Computer Science                        phone: +61-3-9344-9171
University of Melbourne                                 fax: +61-3-9348-1184
Parkville, Victoria, AUSTRALIA 3052     web: http://www.cs.mu.OZ.AU/~warwick

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