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Re: Problems with 1996-11-28 disk set

On 5 Dec 1996, Kai Henningsen wrote:

> johnie@netgod.tln.lib.mi.us (Johnie Ingram)  wrote on 04.12.96 in <199612050211.VAA07314@netgod.tln.lib.mi.us>:
> > At that point, cfdisk messed up the partition table, correctly writing
> > only the first nine partitions (around 2 GB) of a 4.036 GB disk.
> > Subsequent attempts to run it produced "FATAL ERROR: Cannot seek on
> > disk drive."
> There is a bug report on this (cfdisk on >4GB disks) that says how to fix  
> the cfdisk source (it's easy, fdisk already has the fixes).
> In short, cfdisk has trouble whenever it has to seek beyond the 4GB mark.  
> (It *might* have problems even after 2GB, but I don't think so.)

It is also not able to initialize a new disk WITHOUT any partition table.
This is causing a lot of problems for prople trying to install on new


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