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Re: Problems with 1996-11-28 disk set

johnie@netgod.tln.lib.mi.us (Johnie Ingram)  wrote on 04.12.96 in <199612050211.VAA07314@netgod.tln.lib.mi.us>:

> At that point, cfdisk messed up the partition table, correctly writing
> only the first nine partitions (around 2 GB) of a 4.036 GB disk.
> Subsequent attempts to run it produced "FATAL ERROR: Cannot seek on
> disk drive."

There is a bug report on this (cfdisk on >4GB disks) that says how to fix  
the cfdisk source (it's easy, fdisk already has the fixes).

In short, cfdisk has trouble whenever it has to seek beyond the 4GB mark.  
(It *might* have problems even after 2GB, but I don't think so.)

MfG Kai

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