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Re: Problem installing "frozen"

You (Ian Jackson) wrote:
> Miquel van Smoorenburg:
> > I just installed "frozen" but with the 1.1 base floppy set. When I had
> > selected the packages I wanted to install in dselect and hit (I)nstall,
> > dpkg -iGROEB installed a new libc5 and then barfed with
> > 
> > dpkg: installing perl: cannot see how to solve dependency on libdl1
> Did you have up to date Packages files, and did you run [U]pdate from
> the dselect menu ?

I did run [U]pdate. Remember it was a fresh install (with the old bootfloppies).
However I just read that Guy noticed problems with the regular update of the
Packages file- so it would be very likely that an out-of-date Packages
file caused this behaviour.

I don't have an "empty" machine left on the moment to reproduce the behaviour,
alas. However as I'm probably the only one who saw this, I'm fairly confident
it must have been the Packages file.


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