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Re: Galloping Featurism

Daniel Quinlan wrote:
> I'm beginning to believe that Debian may never be a stable system.
> A slight, but significant, attitude change may be the solution.
> Maybe I'm wrong, but I believe there is a better mean between Debian
> and Red Hat -- Debian is too complex and complicated, but Red Hat is
> too simple.  Even so, it's easier for me to customize Red Hat after
> an installation than Debian.  For all it's configuration variables
> and questions, Debian takes much more time to install, even when you
> have unusual requirements.  It probably says something that I use
> Debian at home and Red Hat at work.
> The attitude change I was talking about might be described this way:
> * from "what can we add?" to "what must we add?"

IMHO it would be much easier if we split the distribution in a
debian_base section and a debian_extra section (the directory
structure of the ftp server has to be changed as well). dselect
should be changed to have 2 separate menu items for it, for example:

   0. [A]ccess
   1. [U]pdate
   2. select [b]ase packages
   3. select [e]xtra packages
   4. [I]nstall
   5. [C]onfig
   6. [R]emove
   7. [Q]uit

The default for the debian_base section would be "select all packages"
by default and for debian_extra it would be "select none" by default.
dselect could show a few dummy entries in the debian_extra section
for special package selection, for example "ISP", "Programming" or
something like that.

This way be would make it _very_ easy to select the packages for a
standard Debian system. Another advantage is that it would be a
lot easier to get the debian_base section in a stable state (which
should be our primary goal).



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