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Re: I like what Debian is trying to do.


> There are currently problems in that dpkg-buildpackage doesn't have a
> convenient flag to do a binary-only build, and has some shortcomings in
> the area of building large batches of packages.

Why do u use dpkg-buidpackage at all? The right way to do this is call
debian/rules binary.

> The order in which packages
> should be built (and installed) is a non-trivial issue. It follows our
> package dependency graph, I guess.

Umm.. building the PAckages should not depend on any particular order (as
long as u dont want to bootstrap a system). You can recompile the whole
source tree on a installed debian system. Of course this is not 100% buld
from scratch (cause u rely on the already build tools), but at least it is a
uniqe environmnt for all packages. I guess bootstrapping (or even better
building a debian system completely from itself) is much to complicated and
wont improve the current situation much more than building the whole
distribution on a reference system does.


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