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Passwd/Group changes status v3.

Well, I fixed the non-controversial stuff:
 o Removed the ftp entry in /etc/group and /etc/passwd
   Should we keep these entries pre-allocated anyways for wu-ftp 
install ?
 o Added UID and GID for list and irc.
 o Removed unnecessary additional GIDs.

 o Majordomo problem:
Still waiting for someone to confirm that the following change is 
harmless. Otherwise, rex will roll out with the bug:
To become:

 o Qmail controversy:
What do you think Christian about using ``adduser -uid 6500{0,1,2,3,4,5,6}'' ?
What should we do if adduser fails ?

 o Gnats doubt:
Brian C. White <bcwhite@verisim.com> wants to have its current UID for gnats to be changed so that it matches a newly allocated GID for gnats.
That raises the same problem that my previous proposal to roll out rex with static uids in the 0-99 range for Qmail and change them later on with bo.

Please send some feedback...


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