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Passwd/Group changes status v3.

Philippe Troin:
> Remains:
>  o Majordomo problem:
> Still waiting for someone to confirm that the following change is 
> harmless. Otherwise, rex will roll out with the bug:
>         /etc/passwd:
>                 majordom:*:30:30:majordomo:/var/majordomo:/bin/sh
>         /etc/group:
>                 majordom:*:31:majordom
> To become:
>         /etc/passwd:
>                 majordom:*:30:31:majordomo:/usr/lib/majordomo:/bin/sh
>         /etc/group:
>                 majordom:*:31:

I've looked at this, and it seems odd to me.  The majordomo package
contains indeed files with uid 30 and gid 31, but this seems to me to
be a mistake.

I'd be inclined to say that we should change the majordomo gid to 30
and offer the user the option (if they have majordomo installed) of
reallocating its files - either not at all, or by running find on
/var/lib/majordomo, or by running find on all local filesystems.

The majordomo package needs to be fixed.

>  o Qmail controversy:
> What do you think Christian about using ``adduser -uid 6500{0,1,2,3,4,5,6}'' ?
> What should we do if adduser fails ?

The best would be for adduser to have an option to test whether
certain uids and names are allocated.  Qmail could first say
 adduser --check-free --uid 65001 qmail<spong>
 adduser --check-free --uid 65002 qmail<wibble>
and then
 adduser --uid 65001 qmail<spong>
 adduser --uid 65002 qmail<wibble>

Use of set -e would prevent the package from installing if one of the
uids or names was in use with another name or uid, and adduser could
print a useful message.

>  o Gnats doubt:
> Brian C. White <bcwhite@verisim.com> wants to have its current UID for gnats to 
> be changed so that it matches a newly allocated GID for gnats.
> That raises the same problem that my previous proposal to roll out rex with stat
> ic uids in the 0-99 range for Qmail and change them later on with bo.

Why don't we give gnats its existing UID as a GID instead ?


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