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Re: Updates on the Passwd/Group changes proposal

On Wed, 20 Nov 1996 17:40:00 GMT Ian Jackson (ian@chiark.greenend.org.
uk) wrote:

> Bruce:
> > I think his document is OK, except that the high-numbered Debian-designated
> > UIDs should be distributed with the password file rather than being "created
> > on demand". This would reduce the potential for collission, etc.
> I still disagree.  The reason we're allocating these id's high is
> because there may be a lot of them - in the future we may well have a
> few hundred.
> I think it's unreasonable to put a hundred random users with
> preallocated ids into everyone's password file without a good reason,
> and the result if we do this will be just a flood of questions about
> them.

Who's talking about hundreds of users ? We still have plenty of space in the 0-99 range... And I don't envision running out of space there before a little while... 
How do other distributions handle this problem ?

If we really want to have some UIDS >65000, why not allocate them manually in the base passwd ? I see your point about hundreds of >65000 UIDs (though that hundreds will be limited to 533), I can make the same remark about all the UIDs in the 0-99 range which I don't use and don't know why there're here.

Unless 0-99 would be reserved for sommon packages and >65000 for less used packages... But that would mean changing the policy.


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