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Re: Passwd/Group changes proposal v2

On Wed, 20 Nov 1996 17:53:00 GMT Ian Jackson (ian@chiark.greenend.org.
uk) wrote:

> Philippe Troin:
> > * Qmail:
> > Will allocate 7 UIDs and 1 GID in the 0-99 range. Christian, would 
> > you please send me the exact names you want ASAP ?
> ...
> > * Enforcement of Ian Jackson's policy. That means that qmail might 
> > then be relocated into higher UID/GID space.
> I object, I'm afraid: changing the id associated with a name is
> practically impossible.  Please allocate qmail's ids above 65000.  We
> can have qmail depend on an approprate version of adduser.

Changing UIDs for a program just means for a package to depend on a new version of base-passwd right ?
The problem here is that rex is closing down in less than one week and we need to have a solution for qmail. Experimenting with new adduser might prove tricky.


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