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Re: I18N for Debian 1.3? (Or 1.4?)

chrish@libertel.montreal.qc.ca (Christian Hudon)  wrote on 15.11.96 in <Pine.SGI.3.95.961115165130.28320A-100000@ana.libertel.montreal.qc.ca>:

> Actually, if people think providing a system that allows people to input
> accented characters out of the box is a good idea, I'd be willing to do
> it... Since I've done all this about a year ago, it would just be a
> question of providing small snippets of config files to the maintainers of
> the packages that need help before accepting accented characters from the
> keyboard. It'd be done for 1.3 easily.

Of course, for some packages, a better solution might be changing some  
compile-time options so the package uses different defaults.

> I also reconfigured some programs (e.g. less, etc.) to understand arrow
> keys, page up, page down, etc. If people also think it's a good idea to
> have Debian do this out of the box, I could send in the relevant snippets
> for that too.

By all means! Programs that have the function in question, but don't  
support the key in question, are irritating.

MfG Kai

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