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Re: Documentation policy: Info vs HTML

Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> IMHO, texi2html provides nicer documents than info2www.
> My proposal:
>         Texinfo is converted to both HTML and Info
>         HTML is part of the main package
>         Info is put into separate package, if it is big (more than a
>                 megabyte, perhaps?)

I agree.
Here I see that not only the language differentiation needs a decision
during installation; can a user (sysadm) say:
 - I want only HTMLs
 - I want only info
 - I need both
 - I want to change my mind, later.

(if we solve the language problem that I posted in another message, we
solve also this, and viceversa)

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On Tue, 12 Nov 1996, Juergen Menden wrote:
> > >BASE: kpathsea, mfbase (was mfbasfnt, mfbin, mflib), texbase (was texbin,
> > >texlib, textfm)
> > 
> > Just wondering...were/are texlib and textfm (for example) architecture-
> > independant?
> they are. also mfbasfnt and mflib.
> > If so, it may be worthwhile keeping them split out of texbase,
> > as it means there is less duplication between the various arch-dependant
> > directories. 
> > ('Course, if they're fairly small, this argument falls down :)
> they are not.

You're right. We'll make an arch-dependant mfbin/texbin and an
arch-independant mfbase/texbase (is this a good name?! We'll have to think
over the name) consisting of former mfbasfnt,mflib/textfm,texlib. 

(approx. file sizes now: mfbin: 400k, mflib: 40k, mfbasfnt: 250k,
                           texbin: 300k, texlib: 280k, textfm: 155k)




Dominik Eberlein

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