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Bug#5382: Bug in metamail Version: 2.7-13

On Tue, 12 Nov 1996, Brian C. White wrote:

bcwhite >> metamail asks strange questions on install. I just guessed a value. I would
bcwhite >> suggest not asking those questions.
bcwhite >
bcwhite >Those questioned are asked by "install-mime" (which was called by the
bcwhite >metamail postinst script) and are required in order to make a functioning
bcwhite >MIME system.
bcwhite >
bcwhite >In the future, I hope to make "install-mime" check with "cgftool" and
bcwhite >allow it to try to select some reasonable default value.
bcwhite >
bcwhite >
bcwhite >> I have no idea what mime does. There is either a problem with the package or
bcwhite >> those messages should not be displayed.
bcwhite >
bcwhite >There is no problem and those messages must be displayed.  If you truely
bcwhite >don't want any MIME support, then do the following:

I want mime support but I dont know the details and I am really not
interested. Install/upgrade would work better without asking questions
that require advance knowledge. I doubt that the average Debian user will
be able to know what is going on. The expert can edit those files himself.

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