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Re: Revising the {Policy,Programmers}manual

Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

> >  * new-maintainer@debian.org as the address for all changes to package
> >    maintanance (first package, getting rid of a package, picking up a
> >    package)
> I don't know about this.  It's certainly for new maintainers; we need
> a different address for changed maintainers of existing packages (that
> other address shouldn't go to me).

I just made a maor-override-change@debian.org.  Simon can make an
alias so override-change will work also.

> >  * clarification of shlibs section
> >    [from a note from Heiko who is working on the dpkg code]
> Fine.  Try not to remove any of my text, if you can, though it might
> be best moved into a section with the other shlibs stuff perhaps ?

Perhaps Chapter 12 should be subdivided.  It would be useful if all
the shlibs info were collected in one place, or at least referred to.

> > Bruce mentioned having a line in changes (control?) called "release" where the 
> > ftp daemon would automatically post the the changes list when the package was 
> > processed. Is this feature available? I couldn't find anything about it 
> > anywhere else?

Currently dinstall gathers all the .changes files up into the DONE
directory.  Then on Mondays it posts a summary of all the packages
that were installed.  Those are the debian-changes posts that are
titled "New Debian i386|m68k Packages".  I can make it do something
else if people want.

> >  * How to find pgp (since it has been moved from master.debian.org)

You should refer to the file ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/README.non-US
which I added a few days ago.  If the site changes, we only need to
change one thing.


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