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Revising the {Policy,Programmers}manual

David Morris has volunteered to do some manual updates - good.  I hope
everyone won't mind if I take a somewhat anal-retentive attitude to
it, as I'm anxious that the new text should be correct.

So, I'm going to comment on each of his questions:

>  * new-maintainer@debian.org as the address for all changes to package
>    maintanance (first package, getting rid of a package, picking up a
>    package)

I don't know about this.  It's certainly for new maintainers; we need
a different address for changed maintainers of existing packages (that
other address shouldn't go to me).

>  * Clarification of what lists to send upload/change announcements to.

As defined by Bruce recently.

>  * clarification of shlibs section
>    [from a note from Heiko who is working on the dpkg code]

Fine.  Try not to remove any of my text, if you can, though it might
be best moved into a section with the other shlibs stuff perhaps ?

>  * debmake
>    Since Christoph has been making a lot of this easier, should the 
>    programmers manual refer to debmake examples for things?

I haven't looked at debmake.  I'd want to before it was mentioned in
the official manual.

>  * does the language defining non-free/contrib need to be clarified?

No, please don't change a word of it.

In email to myself, Bruce and Sven he also asks - I hope he won't mind
me quoting it here:

> How extensive of an edit can I do? I can already see a few areas that it would 
> be nice to reorganize and clump together (especially in the programmer's 
> manual where there are quite a few "look to page XX"s) I do not want to change 
> the policy standards, just make the policy statements more readible and 
> hopefully clearer). If I can do some more extensive editing (still unsure how 
> extensive right now, I wanted to ask before I put the energy into it) I will 
> put the draft on my personal web site and solicit comments. It will mostly be 
> moving things around and adding/changing some of the divisions and catagories.

In principle I don't have an objection to stuff being moved around.
However, my experience with letting other people edit documents I've
written is that the edited versions frequently say something subtly
different.  I don't know how precise you feel your understanding of my
wording is.

I'm afraid I can't say for sure whether I'd be happy with any changes
until I saw them.  My advice would be to start slowly, and if I don't
object you can be more ambitious :-).

> If I understand the policy statement in Policy, 5.2 this would be a major 
> patch level increase ( since the change in the upload announcements 
> would involve a change in at least dupload and debmake (that I know of).

Yes, I think so.

> Bruce mentioned having a line in changes (control?) called "release" where the 
> ftp daemon would automatically post the the changes list when the package was 
> processed. Is this feature available? I couldn't find anything about it 
> anywhere else?

I haven't heard about this.

> Bruce also provided a few lines of code to add checksums for all files to a 
> central location when dpkg handles them. Is that something that you want 
> implemented/documented in the programmer's manual (dpkg itself?)?

I think this should be implemented in dpkg, but the correct
implementation is too hard to do now.

> What I see so far from reading devel lately and checking out dpkg[-dev] bugs...
>  * upload announcement changes
>  * new-maintainer@debian.org
>  * a bit more clarification on dpkg --print-architecture
>  * discussion of "frozen" when it is present. (Distribution possibilities)
>  * a section from Keiko (cleaned up) on shlibs
>  * a paragraph from Guy on symlinks with shared libraries (bug #5299)
>  * a couple typographical/grammatical errors (bugs #4485, #4622)
>  * How to find pgp (since it has been moved from master.debian.org)

That all sounds fine.  Be careful with dpkg --print-architecture.
David Engel posted a concise description of the situation, but perhaps
the topic needs further discussion.

> Anything I am missing?
> A couple issues that have been eliciting some discussion but aren't ready for 
> 1.2 release (which what I am seeing this as: bug fix for 1.2)
>  * Web Standard (Bruce Perens)
>  * Documentation Format (Lars Wirzenius)
>  * Startup/Shutdown Message standard (Christian Schwarz)

I hope to be back in more active participation in Debian in time to
help with 1.3.


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