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Re: Packages with Critial Bugs

David Engel:
> Brian C. White writes:
> > There are still 23 bugs remaining on the critical list.  These are bugs
> > that were marked as necessary to be fixed before Debian 1.2 could be
> > released.
> > ...
> > #2939: Bad dpkg/ldconfig Interaction
> >    Package: dpkg; Reported by: david@elo.ods.com (David Engel); 168 days old. 
> This was fixed a long time ago.  I'm closing it.

Was the behaviour of ldconfig changed ?  I don't remember you telling
me that it was.  The behaviour of dpkg hasn't.

It's possible that the avoidance of calls to ldconfig in postrm
scripts has made the problem largely disappear, but it could still
occur in obscure error conditions and I think the bug is still there.


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