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Packages with Critial Bugs

The following bugs are all exactly the same.  When Heiko has applied
the patch I recently posted to dpkg they can be moved off the critical
list, as the symptom has been fixed with a hacky workaround.  They
should stay open though, as ncurses still has the bug:

#4298: arrow keys in dselect don't work after search
   Package: ncurses3.0; Reported by: Joey Hess <joey@kite.preferred.com>;
   merged with #2962, #3974; 58 days old. 
#4820: dselect: cursor keys do not work after searching with /
   Package: dpkg; Reported by: Anton Rebhan <rebhana@tph16.tuwien.ac.at>. 

I've had a long conversation about the next bug with David Engel.  I
think it's a misfeature in ldconfig:

#2939: Bad dpkg/ldconfig Interaction
   Package: dpkg; Reported by: david@elo.ods.com (David Engel); 168 days old. 

I've just posted to the bug system (it'll be appearing here shortly) a
digest of some mail David Engel and I exchanged on the subject.


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