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Re: Suid issue + Packages available

Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote:
>> dosemu  Suid priviledges for 8086 Emulation
>> elks    Suid priviledges so users can execute 8086 Binaries
>I don't understand why this requires the user to be root, unless they
>are to do something that only root should be allowed (like read and
>write raw disks).

I'll have a stab at it: maybe obtaining a virtual 8086 session (which is
what these two programs, if I understand properly, do) requires that the
program be running as root? I don't know enough about 80386 capabilities,
so really can't say for sure - but that would be my best guess.

>> ppp-2.2.0f Suid priviledges to be able to use ppp interfaces of the kernel.
>We've had this one.

Hmm...I've spoken with a friend, who uses ppp on a regular basis, and there
_are_ situations where ppp should be suid root, he says - mainly if the
computer in question is the dialed into system, so that users can setup ppp
links to their home system. IMO, though, this should be decided by the
sysadmin - require a deliberate action by him/her - rather than being setup
as the default.

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