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Suid issue + Packages available

> dosemu  Suid priviledges for 8086 Emulation
> elks    Suid priviledges so users can execute 8086 Binaries

I don't understand why this requires the user to be root, unless they
are to do something that only root should be allowed (like read and
write raw disks).

> ircd    Suid priviledges for user/group ircd so that ircd does not run as root.

!! Can't this be started from inetd ?  Certainly no suid program
should be used - instead if inetd is not good enough, use something
like inndstart (it's not suid root but instead is run by root,
switches to the right user and executes the daemon).

> ppp-2.2.0f Suid priviledges to be able to use ppp interfaces of the kernel.

We've had this one.


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