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Bug#5393: elvis places doc in /etc

Package: elvis
Version: 2.0-6

The package installs the following files below /etc:

etc/elvis/ctags.man	manual page, should be /usr/man/man1/ctags.1
etc/elvis/elvis.arf	config file, is ok here
etc/elvis/elvis.brf	config file, is ok here
etc/elvis/elvis.bwf	config file, is ok here
etc/elvis/elvis.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
etc/elvis/elvis.ini	config file, is ok here
etc/elvis/elvis.lat	config file, is ok here
etc/elvis/elvis.man	manual page, should be /usr/man/man1/elvis.1
etc/elvis/elvis.msg     (*5)
etc/elvis/elvis.pc8     (*4)
etc/elvis/elvis.ps	lib, should go under /usr/lib/elvis
etc/elvis/elvis.syn	config file, is ok here
etc/elvis/elvis.xbm	should go under /usr/X11R6/include/X11/bitmaps/ (*1)
etc/elvis/elvis.xpm     should go under /usr/X11R6/include/X11/pixmaps/ (*2)
etc/elvis/elviscut.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
etc/elvis/elvisdm.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
etc/elvis/elvisex.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
etc/elvis/elvisexp.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
etc/elvis/elvisgui.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
etc/elvis/elvisinp.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
etc/elvis/elvismsg.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
etc/elvis/elvisopt.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
etc/elvis/elvisos.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
etc/elvis/elvisqr.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
etc/elvis/elvisre.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
etc/elvis/elvisses.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
etc/elvis/elvistip.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
etc/elvis/elvistrs.msg  string table, should go under /usr/lib/elvis
etc/elvis/elvisvi.html	doc, should go under /usr/doc/elvis
etc/elvis/fmt.man	manual page, should be /usr/man/man1/ref.1
etc/elvis/printdoc.bat  (*3)
etc/elvis/ref.man	manual page, should be /usr/man/man1/ref.1

Notes: (*1), (*2) I'm not sure if this is ok or if they should go under
  (*3) This file should probably moved into /usr/bin/elvis-printdoc or
    something similar.
  (*4), (*5) I don't know if someone has to edit these files. If so, they
    could stay in /etc but should be marked as "conffiles", if not, the
    should go under /usr/lib/elvis.

If you have further questions, just email me.


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