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Bug#5361: bash has option interactive-comments on

On Tue, 12 Nov 1996 15:13:20 +0200 Esa Turtiainen (etu@turtiainen.dna.
fi) wrote:

> On 11 Nov 1996, Guy Maor wrote:
> I have not set it. The point is that the shell invoked by login
> should know that it is interactive because it is invoked with
> the name '-bash' instead of 'bash'.
> I understand from the documentation so that in this case the
> option interactive-comments should be off by default. It is not.
> It is on in all the cases I have managed to start a new shell.

This is a default bash behavior. I've always been using bash like this, for years. So it has nothing to do wether or not the shell is a login or an interactive one, the standard bash always consider # to be comments. But anyone can override this in a .bashrc file.
BTW, I find this feature quite useful.


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