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Bug#5361: bash has option interactive-comments on

Esa Turtiainen <etu@turtiainen.dna.fi> writes:

> On 11 Nov 1996, Guy Maor wrote:
> > Huh?  You're setting interactive-comments on, and then you're
> > complaining that it's on?  Type "set +o interactive-comments" if you
> > don't like it.
> I have not set it. The point is that the shell invoked by login
> should know that it is interactive because it is invoked with
> the name '-bash' instead of 'bash'.

Actually the - in the beginning of the name means that it is a login
shell.  (You probably already know that.)  But it is true that a login
shell will always be interactive.

> I understand from the documentation so that in this case the
> option interactive-comments should be off by default. It is not.
> It is on in all the cases I have managed to start a new shell.

       In  a  non-interactive  shell,  or an interactive shell in
       which  the  -o  interactive-comments  option  to  the  set
       builtin  is  enabled,  a word beginning with # causes that
       word and all remaining  characters  on  that  line  to  be
       ignored.   An  interactive  shell  without the -o interac­
       tive-comments option enabled does not allow comments.

I can see how you could infer from the above that interactive-comments
should be off by default.  But, strictly speaking, the above paragraph
does not say that.  It just talks about the behavior of an interactive
shell without the option enabled.


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