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Bug#5317: new perl has different arch directory


"Brian C. White" <bcwhite@verisim.com>, in an immanent manifestation of deity, wrote:
>This version of perl has an arch-specific directory of "i386-linux" instead
>of the previous "i486-linux".

Since dpkg --print-architecture says "i386" that's what I say too.  That
way if someone uses a 486 or a pentium or ppro, the extension they build
will go into the same directory.

>The old i486-linux/* files are still around, but will never be searched.

Actually, those are detrius from the previous perlconfig.  There wasn't
a way to blow those away without destroying parts of various extensions,
so I didn't.

>Also, why is there a ".07" version?  If it is totally compatible with the
>previous 5.003 version, then it breaks all packages that expect a directory
>like "5.003/" or were complied against the old lib.  If it is not compatible,
>then why not call it "5.004"?

Because it is the 7th official developer version of Perl.  Something
very close to this will be coming out as Perl 5.004 but it's not out
yet.  Since the code freeze was coming and 5.003_07 (real name but _ is
illegal) fixed lots of bugs, I released this.  I checked with Andy
Dougherty (upstream perl config god and debian user) and he thought I
made a wise decision as well.  I'm hoping that 5.004 will come out
before rex is released and it can be put into rex but I don't know if it

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