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Bug#5383: XF86Setup should not be in vga16...

Shaya Potter writes:
 > On Tue, 12 Nov 1996, Bill Bumgarner wrote:
 > > 
 > > Package: xserver-vga16
 > > Version: 3.2-0          
 > > 
 > > ...it should be in xbase or some other generic package.
 > > 
 > > The setup program does not require the vga16 server-- it is quite useful as
 > > a tool to adjust the currently installed configuration.
 > > In my case, I *only* have the S3 server installed...  but I had to 
 > > install the vga16 package to obtain the XF86Setup program!
 > > 
 > It is my understanding that you need the vga16 server to use the new X 
 > configurator.
In fact XF86Setup may be useful for tweaking an already existing
configuration file. It then will use the right server (i.e. the one
already chosen). Nevertheless I think it will create a lot of really
hard problems for a _lot_ of people if XF86Setup wouldn't depend on
the VGA16 server as it needs it for the first-time setup (see below
for a more concise discussion of this topic).

I'd prefer a seperate package so that people may use it without the
VGA16 server, but they should be aware of the fact that they are
breaking dependencies. Nevertheless I do not think it is something I'd
call a bug, it's just a preference.

XF86Setup is mainly a tool for configuration of the X server. This may
involve two stages: 
 - The first-time configuration needs a server with a generic mode to
   start up the basic configuration. The only servers providing this
   are the Mono and the VGA16 server. The XFree86 Team decided to use
   the VGA16 server for this, so we should use it as well.
 - Once the basic setup is done, you can use it for fine-tuning your
   modes and trying different keyboard layouts,...
   This usually will use the already installed XF86Config.

As the first of these cases is the one generating more problems than
the second one, the dependencies _have_ to be for this case. Before
someone tells that a Recommends: should be enough, I'm dead against
that. A novice user may somehow fail to install the vga16 server and
will be unable to generate a server configuration file. This is a 
more serious problem by far than having people install the vga16
server even if they may need it just once or not at all.

So Stephen, please close this bug report.


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