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Re: What architecture are we?

> > Perhaps it should be suggested to the compiler group that GCC have
> > separate options for "optimization" and "instruction set".  That way
> > you could "optimize for 486 but be sure to run on 386".
> There aren't any 486 or 586 optimizations that cause GCC code to fail
> on 386 machines.  Search for "-m386" in the GCC Info pages:
>   `-m486'
>   `-m386'
>        Control whether or not code is optimized for a 486 instead of an
>        386.  Code generated for an 486 will run on a 386 and vice versa.

I realize that this is the case today.  My worry is that at some time in
the future the GCC guys might start using instructions for later processors
if that is what the target is.  If there were separate options, both could
be specified as required without worry of what changes in the future might

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