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Re: X Configuration Interface for Debian

Christoph Lameter writes:
 > My Video (P9000/ViewSonic) has troubles with low resolution graphical
 > modes. (Cannot even run the defaultmode of svgatextmode!)
 > Textmodes are fine though. Trying to install Red Hat 3.0.3 a while back
 > was a big mess.

That's interesting. Presumably this means that it isn't a VGA card (as
the VGA16 server does nothing 'undocumented')?

I'm having problems myself with low resolution modes; I can't get my
DS64 Video VRAM card (with IBM ramdac) to go below 480x300 pixels. I
really want it to do 320x200 for xf86quake. DS64 Video VRAM cards with
TI ramdacs are fine.

Steve Early

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