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Re: X Configuration Interface for Debian

Guy Maor writes:
 > John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> writes:
 > > I have seen RedHat and thought that its X configuration utility was nice.
 > > [...]
 > > It will be in Tcl/Tk+Tix.
 > Your program to configure X11 can only be run under X11?

Funnily enough, XFree86 3.2 includes an X server configuration program
that needs an X server to run. It's written in a combination of C, tcl
and tk.

It works by having a very generic XF86Config that will work with
almost every video card using the VGA16 server. This then uses a
couple of server extensions to configure the mouse and keyboard on the
fly before building a complete XF86Config file. Finally it starts up
the 'proper' server to test it.

There are very few systems which cannot display 640x480 in 16 colours
using the VGA16 server - I haven't found one yet that can't. I think
that a graphical configuration (and installation?) tool written with
this constraint in mind is a good idea.

Steve Early

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