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dwww and document indexes

I have implemented the following for dwww in the way of document
lists.  The implementation does not currently follow the new web
standard, because I don't have a httpd that would follow it.
I won't make any release until I can convert dwww to the new
web standard. Does any httpd maintainer have estimates on when
they can get a conforming server out?

Suggestions for additional sections would be welcome. Note that
new sections can be added and they will sort of work: it's just
the title that will be awkward ("Unknown section textprocessing",
for example).

---- 8< ----

  Automatic fancy index of documents

dwww can build a fancy document index. The index is built from files
installed as </usr/doc/*/.dwww-index>. (Support for locale-dependent
and locally installed indexes will follow shortly.) The index file
should contain one or more entries in the following format:

	#section SECTION
	<dt><a href="RELATIVEHREF">TITLE</a>

The "#section" must be at the beginning of the line, and be
in lower case. "SECTION" is one word giving the section in the
index for the document; allowed values are

	admin		system administration info
	programming	programming info
	general		other info

These names are symbolic; the user will see a more descriptive name.

More sections will be added later. If unsure about which section
to put a document in, or if you want a new section, discuss on

"RELATIVEHREF" is a link to the first file in the document,
relative to /usr/doc. For example, if the document is
in /usr/doc/hello/hello.html, RELATIVEHREF would be

"TITLE" should be the title of the document. If the title is very long,
it should be shortened.

"DESCRIPTION" is a few words describing the document. It is not necessary
to name the authors. The description should be short and to the point,
so that the index won't grow too big. Remember: a full Debian installation
has hundreds of packages.

dwww also builds a shorter index, which only has the titles.

If a directory below /usr/doc does not have a .dwww-index file (or
even if it does), then documentation in it can be accessed using
the "File listings" link from the dwww front page.

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